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Rachel Sircar

October 12, 2018 

I recently hired Rebecca to walk and care for my dog over a 3 week

period when I was out of state. She was amazing! She went above and

beyond to take care of my dog. I truly appreciated that she put so

much thought into her business model. She gives your pet the full

amount of time you payed for (i.e., not counting all the time it takes

to get ready for and de-leash for a walk which for my dog is at least

5 minutes given his excitement). My roommate was around most evenings

and reported my pup was so much happier than he normally is when I'm

out of town. I had complete trust in her caring for him. She came to

my house to figure out where everything was and always checked his

food and water for him with each visit. I loved getting a picture and

small update from her each day. From a communication standpoint, she

was prompt with replies and made scheduling so easy. I will

definitely be using her again for long work days and out of town

trips. Normally my dog is very anxious when I get back from long

trips and he seemed relaxed, happy, and well taken care of. She was

great when I met her and then continued to exceed my expectations for

excellent pet care. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking

for someone to look after their beloved pet.

-- Rachel, September 2018

Terra Vandewiele recommends Purple Care LLC.

Rebecca is amazing!!! My Mini Aussie Boomer hangs out with Rebecca for an hour at a time when both my husband and I are away at work. She is dependable, kind, and always sends us pictures and updates after she's seen Boomer. Included in the update is what they did during the day (play time, walks, snuggles), what his mood was like, potty breaks, everything we'd like to know. Boomer has absolutely loved Rebecca from the beginning. She's wonderful with dogs and puts him at ease. Rebecca also pays attention to detail and has left our house in perfect condition for when we come home. Boomer, my husband, and myself would all highly recommend Rebecca for your furry family. 

“Rebecca takes amazing care of our animals. We have one particularly rambunctious dachshund with whom Rebecca has incredible patience and plays with her wonderfully. We trust her completely and we love her photos and updates! If you have any questions I'd be happy to chat with you." Gillian