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I have always been an animal lover so I've been pet sitting for friends and family my entire life. Being an avid traveler, I haven't had a pet of my owns the next best things to spend time with other people's pets! Most of my experience is with dogs all breeds, behaviors and special needs. I am so thankful to spend my days with these bundles of joy! My educations in holistic nutrition & healing, and I have worked in the social work field. I love to hike, camp, travel, read, write and I am always striving to educate myself and to be of service to the world.


"Dogs have always been an important part of the family for Leslie. She has had the honor of adopting nine dogs during her adult life. Some of them were rescues and some were raised from puppyhood. In her experience, dogs are some of the best teachers in humor, patience, unconditional love and living in the moment. Plus they are huge sources of comfort and stress reduction.

Caring animals requires a profound sense of awareness since they cannot speak and they do not know all the human rules. With compassion and vigilance, Leslie is here to join forces with you and your darling pets so every single one of us has a better life.

She and her husband moved to Sellwood in 2015 and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer. When not walking your best friends, Leslie is out walking her two doggies, reading, gardening, cooking, sewing and exploring ways to promote happiness."

About Me (Owner)

After years of working for others ...I am now opening a pet walking business to support my family. My daughter will be in 1st grade this year and I want to be able to support her in her school programs and still have a job I LOVE! I have owned my own dogs for 10 years. I have been around dogs most of my life BIG & small. I hope that you are excited for me to care for your pet as much as I am! Let me help when you are busy or out of town. 

Reliable, and trustworthy.

Purple Care LLC  is licensed with the state of Oregon.


Always Here For You and Your Pet